Banganga Festival

Banganga celebration is a two-day music festival celebrated yearly in the period of January in Malabar Slopes, Mumbai, led mutually by MTDC ((Maharashtra The travel industry Improvement Enterprise) and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai, to safeguard the social legacy of the country. The celebration owes its name to the Banganga tank, a sacred tank situated in the complex of Walkeshwar temple in Malabar slopes. The celebration which was first held in 1992 observer the live traditional music show exhibitions of famous artists from everywhere the country. The celebration additionally means to advance mindfulness with respect to safeguarding of the verifiable Banganga tank and its current circumstance.


The beginning of the Banganga tank to which the celebration owes its name, lies adjoining the Walkeshwar sanctuary which was built somewhere in the range of the ninth and thirteenth 100 years, by the leaders of Silhara tradition. The tank also was built by the Silhara rulers, to store water. The sanctuary and the tank were subsequently obliterated by the Portuguese. Nonetheless, it was remodeled in 1715. . Banganga has a fascinating legend related with it. Master Rama, who was headed to Lanka, halted at the Malabar Slopes after feeling parched. Be that as it may, he was unable to find any new water source to extinguish thirst. It is accepted that Ruler Rama shot a bolt (baan) to the ground and water from Blessed Ganga sprung out precisely from where the bolt hit; this is where the tank is currently sited.


"Over the span of the celebration, the whole hillocks and the encompassing district is enhanced with lights, flowers and decoration. The venue turns energetic by melodic exhibitions and shows by leading artists, making it a treat for melodic lovers. The celebration observes the exhibitions of notable craftsmen like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Ustaad Zaakir Husain and so forth. Music lovers from everywhere India run to this spot either to see or to participate in these exhibitions. For the two days of the celebration, the whole region is illuminated and beautified. Banganga tank likewise has a lot of vacation destinations close by, including temples and complexes which form the perfect background for this celebration.

Banganga celebration is perhaps of the most anticipated celebration in Mumbai with a huge number of music lover running the Malabar Slopes. Trust this article acquaints you with the celebration and its significant attractions."

Dated November 15, 2022