Tamhini Ghat: A scenic marvel in the western ghats of maharashtra

Tamhini Ghat: A scenic marvel in the western ghats of maharashtra


Tamhini Ghat is a beautiful mountain pass located 40 kilometers from Pune at the top of the Western Ghats, between the towns of Mulshi and Tamhini in the state of Maharashtra. It has recently gained fame among Punekars and even Mumbaikars.

The mountain pass is famed for its wide panoramic vistas and is particularly famous for the scenic, lengthy drives it offers. Furthermore, the area is known for its stunning waterfalls, picturesque lakes, and emerald-green trees. The location is a beautiful hideaway that is especially appealing during the rainy season when it sways with foliage and appears imposingly bizarre.

How to reach:

Tamhini Ghat is best explored in a private car. Drive ahead of Pirangut village from Pune and follow the route to Mulshi Lake. Mulshi Lake will be visible after roughly 20 kilometers. The Tamhini Ghat Road runs from here to the Orchard Café in Sanaswadi. If you're coming from Mumbai, use the Rasayani - Imagica Theme Park - Pali-Vile route. This path will take you to Mulshi Lake and the Tamhini Ghat road.

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Best time to visit:

Even though the Ghat is green and gorgeous all year and may be visited at any time, it is best to come during the monsoons. Between July and September, the countryside glows green, the lakes and waterfalls murmur with silvery water, and the entire scene appears to be a dream.

Dated September 1, 2023