All You Need to Know About Central Railways Medical Emergency Services - Yatri

All You Need to Know About Central Railways Medical Emergency Services - Yatri

The central railways’ system in India has come a long way since its inception over 150 years ago. With its evolution, many essential services were added, including emergency medical care. The need for this only grew as more people started using the railways as a primary mode of transportation. But today the central railways’ system spans across the entire country, covering everything from very remote villages at the border to densely packed cities.

So, with such a vast network of transportation, a lot goes into maintaining a functional and responsive emergency medical service. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest features and services offered by this system.

Call 138 Emergency Helpline Number

If you think you or any other passenger is at risk or experiencing a medical issue, calling 138 will put you directly in contact with an emergency central railway helpline number responder. This can be very helpful, as they are trained to provide the best possible options based on the current situation. Should the need arise, they will arrange for an emergency team to be ready at the nearest station.

Medical aid and drugs

Train superintendents and in some cases, train guards will have access to emergency medical supplies that could come in handy for many situations. Do not hesitate to contact any officer onboard to request access to these materials. Every train has a first aid kit and all essential drugs on board.

Unscheduled stops for medical emergencies

You don’t always have to wait until the train reaches a major station to get help. The emergency central railway helpline number, the western railway helpline number, or the officers on the train can arrange for an unscheduled emergency stop along with medically trained personnel at the nearest possible station. Contacting them as soon as you realize there is an emergency will give them more time to come up with the best possible action.

Local doctors and clinics information

In case you’re unable to access the information online or in other ways, you can always contact the station master to get details about all the nearest health services. This includes both private and government-funded hospitals.

Onboard doctor services

The doctors also travelling on the same train have their names separately shown on the passenger list. Contact any ticket examiner with access to this list, and they can contact the doctor immediately. There is always a good chance a doctor is on board, and even if you’re unsure, it’s always worth checking.

Trained personnel

If you’re unsure about first aid yourself, feel free to ask any of the railway personnel you encounter along the way. This includes ticket examiners, train superintendents, train guards, and station masters. All railway stations also have medical facilities and emergency care provided within them, which can be utilized by anyone.

Dated August 8, 2023