Bhandardara queen of sahyadri ranges, beckons in maharashtra's splendor

Bhandardara queen of sahyadri ranges, beckons in maharashtra's splendor

Bhandardara is a beautiful hill station, arranged in the Sahyadri scopes of the Western Ghats, situated in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Nicknamed the Queen of Sahyadri Ranges for its lavish vegetation, and delightful mountains, Bhandardara is an arising summer retreat for explorers from Maharashtra.

The most effective method to reach

Bhandardara is all around connected with the rest of India by road. Regular bus services ply to and fro the city of Bhandardara; buses are operated both by private and government owners. There is no non-stop flight or rail network, notwithstanding, to Bhandardara Some 165 km away is the Mumbai air terminal, which is the closest air terminal that connects Bhandardara. The closest railroad station to Bhandardara is in Igatpuri, which is 42 km away from Bhandardara.

Best Time to Visit

Monsoon period - June till September.

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Umbrella Falls

The Umbrella Falls are the falls shaped under the Wilson Dam and the power by which the waterfalls on the normally positioned rocks give an impression of an umbrella. There is a little foot span that is associated with the Pravara River that one can use to cross and partake in a more critical gander at the falls and the dam.

Kalsubai Peak

Mt. Kalsubai is the most elevated peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of this magnificent mountain is an astonishing sight in Bhandardara. It is otherwise called the Everest of Maharashtra, as it is the most noteworthy top in the state. The trek is an extremely precarious one and normally accomplished travelers track down their direction to the top with some trouble. There are presently man-made steps to arrive at the peak in the event that you don't wish to trek. Be that as it may, the hill close to the Kalsubai top is somewhat simpler to scale.

Agastya Rishi Ashram

This age-old ashram finds its mention in the mythological text of Ramayana. It is said that Lord Ram and his sibling Lakshman came to look for the gifts of Agastya Rishi who gave Lord Ram a bolt to overcome Ravana.

Wilson Dam

The Wilson Dam, based on the Pravara stream in 1910 is the biggest earthen dam in India which discusses the design greatness of those days. The foundation of the dam has a nursery that brags of thick vegetation, enormous trees, and little streams. In the rainstorm, when the water level ascents the doors of the dam open themselves to deliver water into the fields and you can go to the edge of the Garden to partake in the sprinkles of the water. There is one more famous spot here known as the Umbrella Falls - which is found thriving in the rainstorm.

Dated December 16, 2022