Bheja Fry

Bheja, or goat cerebrum, sauteed with tomatoes, onions, turmeric, green chilies, and flavors, and decorated with new coriander, is a staple of every one of those with hardcore carnivorous leanings in the city. Eaten with roti (Indian bread) or pao, this softened-in-the-mouth dish has a rich Muslim legacy and you frequently observe that one plate isn't sufficient. Bheja Fry is one of the classics that are enjoyed widely all over the country

Best Mughlai restaurant in Mumbai

  • Khyber, Fort
  • Zaffran, Multiple Outlets
  • Jyran, Bandra Kurla Complex
  • Bagdadi, Colaba
  • Persian Darbar, Multiple Outlets

Dated November 14, 2022