One of Mumbai's most popular food delicacy, the Bombil (Bombay duck), dwells in the seas nearby Mumbai. Unfortunately, this means that it is quickly being overfished to extinction. It is also a fish adored by the Parsis, and Britannia delivers a cracking version of it. It is often served in its crisp, batter-fried incarnation at Gomantak or Malvani eateries. Alternately, you may try the dried ones and crackle them over the fire until they are smoky and crispy.

The seas near Mumbai are rich with bombil, or "Bombay Duck," a fish that is not a duck. Bombils are flattened before being coated in a spice-filled besan (gram flour) batter and fried. They are a favorite among fishermen. This fish dish, which is crispy on the exterior and mushy-soft on the interior, may be served as a beginning or as a main course with chapattis. The bombil fry at Gajalee restaurant is excellent

Best Places to have Bombil

  • Bombil House of Malvan, MIDC
  • Gajalee, Colaba
  • Kyani Bhel Puri, Dadar
  • Mahesh Lunch Home, Vile Parle
  • Saddicha, Bandra

Dated July 10, 2023