Bun Maska

Among the city's most beloved and cherished treats is the humble yet irresistible "Bun Maska." This delightful combination of soft, buttery bun and creamy maska (a flavored butter) has captured the hearts of Mumbaikars for generations. Join us on a delectable journey as we uncover the charm and nostalgia of this iconic street delight - Bun Maska!

The origins of Bun Maska date back to the colonial era when Mumbai (then Bombay) was a bustling port city under British rule. It is believed that the British influence introduced the concept of bread and butter to the locals. Over time, this simple combination evolved to suit the distinct tastes of Mumbai's residents, and thus, Bun Maska was born. Today, this culinary gem has become an essential part of Mumbai's cultural fabric.

A symphony of smells and fragrances will meet you as soon as you enter Mumbai's lively and busy streets. The ever-popular "Bun Maska" is a timeless love affair that has captivated Mumbaikars' hearts for decades within this gastronomic heaven. This delicious street food treat is a cherished element of Mumbai's culinary scene, luring both residents and tourists with its straightforward yet alluring appeal. Join us as we set off on a pleasant adventure to investigate Bun Maska's mystique and its long influence.

For many Mumbaikars, Bun Maska is more than just a snack; it's a taste of nostalgia and a reminder of simpler times. Generations have grown up with this delectable treat, and its charm continues to endure. Every bite of Bun Maska carries a sense of familiarity and comfort, evoking memories of long conversations, laughter, and cherished moments shared with friends and family.

Even though Bun Maska is still a staple, inventive chefs have attempted to improve the dish. There are various possibilities, such as serving maska with flavors other than the customary saffron or stuffing the buns with creative toppings like cheese. But at its heart, Bun Maska still portrays Mumbai's diverse ethnic population.

Famous Places in Mumbai to get Bun Maska

  • Yazdani Bakery, Fort
  • Kyani & Co., Marine Lines
  • Suleman Usman Mithaiwala, Grant Road
  • Koolar & Co., Matunga
  • City Bakery, Dadar

Dated July 25, 2023