Chicken Manchurian

Welcome to the gastronomic paradise of Mumbai! A city that boasts an eclectic culinary landscape, Mumbai is a haven for food enthusiasts. Among the countless delicacies that grace the bustling streets and hidden corners of the city, one dish stands out with its unique blend of flavors and textures - Chicken Manchurian. Let's dive into the delicious world of this popular Indo-Chinese fusion dish that has won the hearts of Mumbaikars and visitors alike.

A delicious fusion meal, chicken Manchurian combines Indian tastes with Chinese cooking methods. The dish has no historical links to northeastern China's Manchu people, despite what its name would imply. Instead, it was created in the 1970s by the Chinese community in Kolkata. As Indian diners adopted Chinese food, Chicken Manchurian swiftly established itself as a national dish.

The juicy chicken pieces that are covered in a batter made of cornmeal and deep-fried to the crispiest perfection are the heart and soul of Chicken Manchurian. The food is then mixed in a mouthwatering sauce that perfectly balances the flavors of sweet, tangy, and gently spicy. The sauce usually consists of a mixture of soy sauce, chili sauce, ginger, garlic, and numerous fragrant spices, which gives it the characteristic flavor that makes food lovers want more.

As with any beloved dish, Chicken Manchurian has evolved over time to suit regional preferences. In Mumbai, you can find a range of variations that cater to different taste buds. Some restaurants may add a touch of local spices, while others might experiment with additional ingredients like bell peppers, spring onions, or pineapple chunks to elevate the dish further.

 Where to have Chicken Manchurian in Mumbai

  • Bademiya, Colaba
  • China Gate, Bandra
  • Hakka Express, Andheri
  • Fusion Kitchen, Thane
  • Soam, Chowpatty

Dated July 21, 2023