Perhaps of the most conspicuous widespread cultural events in Mumbai, Kala Ghoda celebration is coordinated by the Kala Ghoda Affiliation. This event celebrates various art forms, including music, dance, theater, and so on, and includes seminars and workshops connected with arts. The nine-day-long celebration is an unmistakable fascination for a great many guests from everywhere in the country as well as from the world. The Kala Ghoda celebration is held every year in the long stretches of January or February in the Kala Ghoda locale of Southern Mumbai. Since its starting point in 1999, the prominence of the celebration has been developing, drawing in a lot of sightseers. The festival is also celebrated with the intention to draw attention to the development of the area by improving the infrastructure of the region and restoring the beauty of the buildings and constructing people-friendly street furniture. Read further to know more about the Kala Ghoda festival and its major attractions.


The celebration integrates visual arts, music, theater, dance, film, literature, lectures, seminars, and workshops. You likewise see a culinary segment where you run over splendid presentations of Food Craftsmanship alongside exhibits led by famous cooks and specialists. There is also a Literature section that incorporates book launches, poetry sessions, workshops, etc., and conducts panel discussions with popular authors. The festival also includes music and dance performances by popular artists and groups belonging to classical, contemporary, Indian folk, and international dance forms. The film segment additionally sorts out recognitions for well-known characters. Kala Ghoda celebration has a lot coming up for youngsters, with the celebration including a lot of sensational exercises. The celebration likewise has some legacy strolls that give individuals knowledge of the legacy and culture of Mumbai. So, the celebration presents a lot of occasions that mirror the rich history of workmanship in Mumbai.

Street Festival

The Kala Ghoda celebration is coordinated by Kala Ghoda Affiliation, a non-benefit association. The celebration is named after the blackish equestrian sculpture of Edward VII which used to be situated in the post area of Mumbai. Though this festival is renowned as an art festival, its main highlight is that it is a street festival. it's free of cost. However the celebration was confined to the Kala Ghoda district prior, it has now stretched out its scope to different locales with comparative occasions likewise being held in Azad Maidan and Horniman Circle. The members of the celebration range from metropolitan merchants to town craftsmen. The entire locale of Kala Ghoda changes into a walker square with compositions and figures shown. What's more, you get to know the historical backdrop of different fine arts from the famous bosses of craftsmanship. Dance and music shows occur at night, for which the scene is set by the Public Exhibition of Current Craftsmanship (NGMA), David Sasson Library Nursery, and Jehangir Workmanship Display. Grants for Indian movies are given on an occasion coordinated by the Maximum Muller Bhavan.

Dated November 15, 2022