Kheema Pav

Mumbai's robust street food culture will welcome you with a plethora of fragrant treats as soon as you enter the city's busy streets. Kheema Pav stands out among them as a cherished and savory staple that perfectly encapsulates Mumbai's culinary heritage. Kheema Pav is a wonderful concoction of spicy minced beef, aromatic spices, and soft, buttered pav buns that every Mumbaikar must try.
Kheema Pav may be traced back to the heart of Mumbai, where it initially debuted as a modest street food offering decades ago. Its invention was a culinary stroke of genius, blending the intense flavors of minced beef with a hint of spice and putting it over warm pav buns. Kheema Pav has infiltrated the city's gastronomic culture through time, becoming an essential part of every foodie's journey to Mumbai.
The technique of mincing meat to perfection is at the heart of Kheema Pav. Traditionally, mutton or beef is used for kheema, although chicken and other meats have gained popularity. The kheema is cooked with a symphony of spices, including coriander, cumin, turmeric, and chile, converting it into a delectable combination of tastes that dance on the palette.
While the kheema takes center stage, the pav is its faithful companion. These soft, fluffy buns are slightly toasted and generously slathered with butter, providing the perfect vessel to savor the spiced goodness of the kheema. Together, they create a harmonious marriage of textures and tastes, making Kheema Pav an extraordinary experience.
Despite having its humble beginnings on the streets, Kheema Pav has already made its way into households, cafés, and even upmarket establishments. The dish has gained popularity among chefs, who have reimagined it while maintaining the original tastes. Now that Kheema Pav's scent permeates kitchens throughout the world, food lovers have the chance to enjoy Mumbai's renowned street food experience wherever they may be.

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Dated July 25, 2023