Sabudana Vada

For Maharashtrians, sabudana vada is the conventional "upvas" or fasting food. Fortunately, eateries never neglect to oblige with hot, fresh sabudana vadas for the individuals who lack the opportunity to make it at home. Sago is soaked until it puffs up. Squashed bubbled potatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves, and salt are plied in. They are then formed into palm-sized patties and boiled until they turn fresh and brilliant. And afterward, one chomp prompts one more and again. Sabudana vadas are accessible at most Udipi lodgings and the side of the road slows down.

Places you can enjoy Sabudana Vada

  • Prakash, Dadar
  • Aswad, Mumbai
  • Girgaon Katta, Mumbai
  • R K Studio Canteen, Chembur

Dated December 16, 2022