Vande Bharat express mumbai to goa: List all over India, Ticket Prices, New Vande Metro Route and Timetable

Vande Bharat express mumbai to goa: List all over India, Ticket Prices, New Vande Metro Route and Timetable

The Mumbai to Goa Vande Bharat Express, a recent addition to the Indian Railways' high-speed train fleet, offers a luxurious and expedited travel experience connecting Mumbai and Goa. This train aims to significantly reduce travel time between the two cities, making it an appealing choice for passengers seeking efficiency and comfort.

Covering a distance of 586 km with 11 halts, including prominent stations like Dadar, Thane, Panvel, and Ratnagiri, the Mumbai-Goa Vande Bharat Express operates six days a week, except Fridays. Departing from CSMT in Mumbai at 5:25 am and reaching Madgaon in Goa at 1:15 pm, the return journey starts from Madgaon at 2:35 pm, arriving back at CSMT at 10:25 pm.

Equipped with modern amenities like 360-degree rotation seats, automatic sliding doors, LED lighting, and dedicated seating for passengers with disabilities, the train ensures a safe and comfortable journey. Advanced safety features and a train collision avoidance system further enhance the reliability of this mode of transportation.

Ticket prices for the Mumbai-Goa Vande Bharat Express vary based on the class of travel, with the AC Chair Car ranging from Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,600 and the Executive Class from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,800. During the monsoon season, the train operates thrice a week due to speed restrictions on the Konkan route.

Additional History About Vande Bharat Express:

The Vande Bharat Express, formerly referred to as Train 18, stands as India's pioneering indigenous semi-high-speed train, meticulously designed and constructed by the government-owned Integral Coach Factory (ICF) situated in Chennai.

The inception of the Vande Bharat Express can be traced back to 2018 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the inaugural train, marking a significant milestone for Indian Railways and underscoring the nation's dedication to innovation and advancement in rail transportation.

Originally designated as 'Train 18,' the train underwent a name change to 'Vande Bharat Express' to recognize its complete indigenous production within India. The specifications for the train were meticulously standardized by the Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO).

Scheduled for operational deployment in 2018, the Vande Bharat Express was outfitted with contemporary amenities including air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic doors, and more. During trial runs, the then-named Train 18 emerged as India's fastest EMU train, clocking speeds of up to 180 km/h.

Since its introduction in 2019, the Vande Bharat Express has revolutionized train travel across India, delivering a swifter and more comfortable experience for passengers. The resounding success of the train has spurred the introduction of several specialized Vande Bharat trains traversing various routes, thereby augmenting travel options for passengers nationwide.

Competitive Ticket Prices and Enhanced Travel Experience

When it comes to ticket prices, the Mumbai to Goa Vande Bharat Express offers a competitive option compared to airfare. The AC Chair Car fares range from Rs 1,815 to Rs 1,970, while the Executive Chair Car class costs between Rs 3,360 and Rs 3,535, including catering charges. These prices make the Vande Bharat Express an attractive choice for travelers, with the Executive Chair Car fares expected to be comparable to airfares and the Chair Car fares likely to be slightly higher than those of Shatabdi trains.

But it's not just about the price - the Vande Bharat Express also provides a superior travel experience. With modern amenities like Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and a dining car, passengers can enjoy a comfortable and efficient journey. The launch of this high-speed train is expected to boost tourism in Goa, attracting more visitors to the state and contributing to the local economy.

Special Vande Bharat Trains for 2024

In addition to the Mumbai to Goa line, Indian Railways will introduce many unique Vande Bharat trains in 2024, providing an even more opulent and accelerated travel experience. One such train is the Howrah-Puri-Howrah Vande Bharat Special, which will travel every Thursday between January 11, 2024 and January 25, 2024, making three journeys and stopping at several stops in West Bengal and Odisha.

Another special Vande Bharat train is the 02436 VANDE BHARAT SPECIAL, which runs 769 kilometers from New Delhi to Varanasi Junction with a maximum halt duration of 2 minutes at each station. This train runs weekly, giving a speedier and more convenient option for travelers.

New Vande Metro Train, Route, timetable:

The new Vande Metro train, planned to debut in early 2024, is a high-speed option for short travels of up to 300 kilometers. Here are some details regarding the Vande Metro train's route and schedule:

Route: The Vande Metro trains are designed for travel distances of up to 300 kilometers, replacing the Mainline EMU and catering primarily to shorter lines of 250 to 300 kilometers.

Timetable: The Vande Metro project was launched by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw at the post-Budget 2023 railway briefing. The first Vande Metro train is now in production, with a January launch date planned. The Vande Metro is meant to provide a quick, air-conditioned commuting experience for shorter distances, achieving speeds of up to 130.

Duration of the Mumbai to Goa vande bharat express journey

During the non-monsoon period:

The train departs from CSMT in Mumbai at 5:25 AM and reaches Madgaon in Goa at 1:15 PM.

The return journey departs from Madgaon at 2:35 PM and arrives at CSMT in Mumbai at 10:25 PM.

The total journey time during the non-monsoon period is around 7 hours and 50 minutes.

During the monsoon season:

The train will take over 10 hours to reach its final destination.

Train number 22229 will leave CSMT at 5:25 AM and reach Madgaon at 3:30 PM.

Train number 22230 will leave Madgaon at 12:20 PM and reach CSMT at 10:25 PM.

The journey time during the monsoon season is around 10 hours and 5 minutes.

The Evolution of Vande Bharat Express Colors

The Vande Bharat Express, India's flagship semi-high-speed train, has evolved visually over time, reflecting the nation's pride and innovation. Initially, the train, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019, featured a unique blue and white color scheme inspired by the Indian national flag, highlighting its 'Make in India' heritage.

Recently, Indian Railways introduced a new color scheme for the Vande Bharat Express, with the 28th rake showcasing a saffron and grey design inspired by the Indian Tricolour. This change, revealed by Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw, aims to enhance the train's visual appeal and connection to the national flag. Additionally, improvements based on feedback have been implemented to enhance the passenger experience.

Furthermore, an upcoming Vande Bharat Express on the Thiruvananthapuram-Kasaragod route will feature an orange and grey color scheme, along with enhancements like better seat cushions and extended footrests for improved comfort and safety measures. These color updates signify Indian Railways' dedication to innovation and enhancement, ensuring the Vande Bharat Express remains a symbol of national pride and a preferred choice for travelers.

Vande Bharat train list, Route, Ticket price, distance, Timing

Train Name Start Station Start Time End Station End Time Distance Total time(hrs)
Vande Bharat Exp (12461) JODHPUR JN 5:55 AM SABARMATI BG 12:05 PM 449 Kms 06:10
Ju Vande Bharat (12462) DELHI 9:20 PM JODHPUR JN 7:50 AM 620 Kms 10:30
Vande Bharat Exp (20902) GANDHINAGAR CAP 2:05 PM MUMBAI CENTRAL 8:25 PM 520 Kms 06:20
Vande Bharat Exp (22415) VISAKHAPATNAM 8:35 AM NEW DELHI 7:05 PM 2107 Kms 10:30
Vande Bharat Ex (22416) NEW DELHI 6:25 AM VISAKHAPATNAM 5:50 PM 2103 Kms 11:25
Svdk Vandebharat (22440) SHMATA VD KATRA 3:00 PM NEW DELHI 11:00 PM 655 Kms 08:00
Aadr Vandebharat (22447) KHAJURAHO 6:20 PM H NIZAMUDDIN 5:25 AM 604 Kms 11:05
Aadr Vandebharat (22448) AMB ANDAURA 1:00 PM NEW DELHI 6:25 PM 437 Kms 05:25
Vande Bharat Exp (22457) ANAND VIHAR TRM 5:50 PM DEHRADUN 10:35 PM 302 Kms 04:45
Vande Bharat Exp (22895) HOWRAH JN 6:10 AM PURI 12:35 PM 502 Kms 06:25
Vande Bharat Exp (22896) PURI 1:50 PM HOWRAH JN 8:30 PM 502 Kms 06:40
Jamnagar Vande B (22925) AHMEDABAD JN 6:10 PM JAMNAGAR 10:35 PM 332 Kms 04:25
Adi Vande Bharat (22926) KALKA 10:20 AM BANDRA TERMINUS 2:45 PM 1676 Kms 04:25
Vande Bharat Ex (22435) VARANASI JN 3:00 PM NEW DELHI 11:00 PM 771 Kms 08:00
Vande Bharat Spl (02435) VARANASI JN 3:00 PM NEW DELHI 11:00 PM 769 Kms 08:00
Vande Bharat Spl (02436) NEW DELHI 6:00 AM VARANASI JN 2:00 PM 769 Kms 08:00
Mumbai Csmt - Sainagar Shirdi Vande Bharat Inaugural Special (02223) PUNE JN 3:15 PM AJNI 4:50 AM 886 Kms 13:35
Mys Vandebharat (20607) MGR CHENNAI CTL 5:50 AM MYSURU JN 12:20 PM 500 Kms 06:30
Vande Bharat Exp (20825) BILASPUR JN 6:45 AM NAGPUR 12:15 PM 413 Kms 05:30
Mas Vandebharat (20608) MYSURU JN 1:05 PM MGR CHENNAI CTL 7:20 PM 500 Kms 06:15
Bsp Vande Bharat (20826) NAGPUR 2:05 PM BILASPUR JN 7:35 PM 413 Kms 05:30
Vande Bharat Exp (22302) NEW JALPAIGURI 3:05 PM HOWRAH JN 10:35 PM 561 Kms 07:30
Vande Bharat Exp (22301) HOWRAH JN 5:55 AM NEW JALPAIGURI 1:25 PM 561 Kms 07:30
Csmt Vandebharat (22224) SAINAGAR SHIRDI 5:25 PM C SHIVAJI MAH T 10:50 PM 343 Kms 05:25
Snsi Vandebharat (22223) C SHIVAJI MAH T 6:20 AM SAINAGAR SHIRDI 11:40 AM 343 Kms 05:20
Sur Vande Bharat (22225) C SHIVAJI MAH T 4:05 PM SOLAPUR JN 10:40 PM 455 Kms 06:35
Csmt Vandebharat (22226) SOLAPUR JN 6:05 AM C SHIVAJI MAH T 12:35 PM 455 Kms 06:30
Sc Vande Bharat (20702) TIRUPATI 3:15 PM SECUNDERABAD JN 11:30 PM 661 Kms 08:15
Tpty Vandebharat (20701) SECUNDERABAD JN 6:15 AM TIRUPATI 2:30 PM 661 Kms 08:15
Kgq Vandebharat (20634) TRIVANDRUM CNTL 5:20 AM KASARAGOD 1:20 PM 588 Kms 08:00
Mao Vande Bharat (22229) C SHIVAJI MAH T 5:25 AM MADGAON 3:30 PM 765 Kms 10:05
Csmt Vandebharat (22230) MADGAON 12:20 PM C SHIVAJI MAH T 10:25 PM 765 Kms 10:05
Vande Bharat Exp (22350) RANCHI 4:15 PM PATNA JN 10:05 PM 379 Kms 05:50
Vande Bharat Exp (22227) NEW JALPAIGURI 6:10 AM GUWAHATI 11:40 AM 409 Kms 05:30
Cbe Vandebharat (20643) MGR CHENNAI CTL 2:25 PM COIMBATORE JN 8:15 PM 497 Kms 05:50
Mas Vandebharat (20644) COIMBATORE JN 6:00 AM MGR CHENNAI CTL 11:50 AM 497 Kms 05:50
Dec Vandebharat (20977) AJMER JN 6:20 AM DELHI CANTT 11:35 AM 428 Kms 05:15
Dwr Vande Bharat (20661) KSR BENGALURU 5:45 AM DHARWAR 12:10 PM 490 Kms 06:25
Vande Bharat Exp (20912) NAGPUR 3:20 PM INDORE JN BG 11:45 PM 642 Kms 08:25
Vande Bharat Exp (20897) HOWRAH JN 3:45 PM RANCHI 10:50 PM 462 Kms 07:05
Vande Bharat Exp (20979) UDAIPUR CITY 7:50 AM JAIPUR 2:10 PM 435 Kms 06:20
Vande Bharat Exp (20980) JAIPUR 3:45 PM UDAIPUR CITY 10:08 PM 435 Kms 06:23
Kcg Vande Bharat (20704) YESVANTPUR JN 2:45 PM KACHEGUDA 11:00 PM 610 Kms 08:15
Cbe Vande Bharat (20641) BENGALURU CANT 1:40 PM COIMBATORE JN 8:00 PM 377 Kms 06:20
Vande Bharat Exp (20173) Rani Kamlapati (Habibganj) 3:30 PM REWA 11:30 PM 569 Kms 08:00
Bnc Vandebharat (20642) COIMBATORE JN 5:00 AM BENGALURU CANT 11:30 AM 377 Kms 06:30
Vande Bharat Exp (22425) Ayodhya Cantt. 3:20 PM ANAND VIHAR TRM 11:40 PM 629 Kms 08:20
Vande Bharat Exp (20835) ROURKELA 2:10 PM PURI 9:40 PM 505 Kms 07:30
Ten Vandebharat (20665) CHENNAI EGMORE 2:50 PM TIRUNELVELI 10:40 PM 653 Kms 07:50

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